Diabetes and Pain

Pain causes the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol resists the action of insulin, and hence more insulin is needed than normal. This makes managing your diabetes more difficult than usual!

How does Jade Help?

Jade offers a ‘Pain’ factor that can be customised to magnify your dose by the amount you need. You can set the duration of the Pain factor in hours.

Jade tracks insulin on board and prevents you doubling up with extra doses from managing pain.

Jade predicts the outcome of pain, and allows you to try ‘what-if’ scenarios e.g what if have 2 hours of pain and inject 2 units extra, or 4 hours of pain plus carbs.

Pain Trackers

Jade works with any iOS App that records pain in Apple Health e.g. back pain, etc.

The following Period-tracking apps work well with Jade. When you log pain in one of these apps, Jade will record a 4-hour pain dosing factor.

App Name Download Description

Listing Pain Tracking Apps – Our Criteria

  • Must put pain data into Apple Health on iOS at the time the event occurs

Know any other good Pain Tracker Apps?

Please first check that they write data to Apple Health at the time the event occured, and then
let us know!

Like your Pain Tracking App listed here?

If it writes data to Apple Health, please
contact us

Further reading

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