iHealth iBG5s bluetooth blood glucose meter2024-06-12T22:22:59+00:00
The iHealth Australia iBG5s blood glucose meter makes dosing simpler for those without CGMs – it’s a real-time bluetooth meter, tied to Jade’s immediate insulin dosing and patient decision support. This is for people who can’t afford a CGM, don’t want one, or even when your Dexcom/FreeStyle Libre/Medtronic sensor occasionally fails. The video below has a 10% discount code for the meter.
To our knowledge this is the only meter that provides an immediate transfer of the blood glucose value directly to Apple Health with no additional action required – it’s 100% automatic.
We don’t know the cost of the meter, strips or shipping (sorry!), but we have heard the NDSS subsidy is being worked through. We understand that people are self funding using this meter in the meantime, because the real time nature of the Bluetooth transfer makes it significantly easier for many users . Naturally some people will want to wait for NDSS, and/or provide feedback to the NDSS.
Watch the video: