Integrate Data From NightScout2019-10-31T11:29:34+00:00

Jade integrates live data directly from NightScout.

NightScout CGM data can be used for dosing, with the latest CGM values moving into the dose calculator automatically.

Bringing dosing data and CGM data together allows you to instantly compare the expected dose result with the actual result, and improve dosing decisions.

The chart below shows a series of CGMS readings (black dots) overlaid on a set of finger stick blood sugar readings (green dots). Predictions are shown here as a yellow line, and it is easy to see where the blood sugar predictions deviate from the CGM measurements and where dosing changes need to be made. For example, the first orange coaching dot on the left at 4:25am indicates that the dose is not high enough, as the prediction is way lower than the actual blood sugar. Pressing the orange dot leads to coaching tips that indicates what dose changes could be made. Once this is done, predictions and actuals move closer together, and doses improve.