Glucose Tablets for Diabetes

A low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) must be treated quickly with simple sugars that break down and get absorbed quickly.

Over-treating hypos is pretty common – so a can of coke should only be considered if you have nothing better at hand, for example, if you’re in a restaurant.

We prefer jelly beans because they are inexpensive, small, tasty and are easy to store. Glucose tablets tend to be expensive, large and chalky, but you might consider them if you cannot resist the temptation of jelly beans.

We buy jelly beans in bulk. Chemist/pharmacy jelly beans tend not to be gluten free, so check first if you are a coeliac.

Sugars (and even carbohydrates) break down and are absorbed in the mouth, despite medical backflips over this understanding recently.

Jelly Beans

Glucose Tablets