Quick Overview


The main dashboard shows a predicted blood sugar chart and summary statistics (Log Summary). The greeny/yellow line shows the predicted blood sugar, and the dotted line with the time on it shows what is happening now. Stuff to the right of this is the future, and stuff to the left is in the past.

  • Green dots are actual blood tests – press them for details
  • Orange dots are coach suggestions, for differences between predicted and actual blood test – press for details
  • Red dots are warning of future highs or lows – press for times and more info

The chart can be swiped left or right to go back in time or forward in time.

To log something, press [Add] below the Log Summary.

To edit a previous log, review logs or run Reports, press the > to the right of the Log Summary. You can also find the Health Coach and Points here (in earlier versions, under Settings).

To check if setup is complete, press your photo or the blank photo at top left.

To access Settings, press the gear icon at top right.

The navigation shown at the top of each page varies depending on whether the system is setup for a Type 1,  Type 2, and if the person uses Insulin.


  • To see what your BGL is doing now and for the next 3 hours, click on Charts Charts. This is the main screen. Coaching elements – dotted blue rectangles, show differences between predictions and actual BGLs. When you hover your mouse over them, they indicate how the difference was caused, and what ratios should change. When you change your ratios to align the predictions with the actual BGLs, Jade’s Calculator and charts will be even more accurate.
  • To calculate a dose using BGL, Carbs or both, use the Bolus Calculator Calculator (note – setup your insulin and carb ratios first)
  • To get insulin dose and other coaching tips, click Coach Coach
  • To add Logs for BGL, Carbs and multiple Insulins at the same time with no Calculator, use Combined
  • To add a BGL BGLInsulin Insulin dose or Carbs Carbs, just click the button above
  • To back-date a log, or edit an existing one, click Logs Logs. The logs screen supports in-line editing
  • Share with other carers Share your results with your Health Care Professional(s) and carers such as parents or children
  • Change Settings Settings
  • To set your target BGL, edit your Target BGL Target BGL settings
  • Emergency contact details Add Emergency contact details
  • Person Change person switches between family members and others (or just click the mug shot in the header, in the top left corner)
  • Medication Add other medication
  • Low Impact Exercise Medium Impact Exercise High Impact Exercise Three levels of exercise
  • Weight Height Weight and Height

How to use Jade

Use JadeDiabetes.com ‘just like a pump’, entering in BGLs as you take them, and Carbs and Insulin as you have them – preferably using the Calculator to calculate the dose as it also take active insulin (Insulin On Board or IOB) into account. Adjust the dose if necessary. The Calculator takes into account your BGL target in 3* hours time (*-depending on your active insulin time).

These screens are the quickest way to enter data, as they do not require you to enter the time – it is assumed you are entering the data ‘as it happens’. If you have to enter data after the events actually happen, use the logs screen.

Each day, look at the coaching elements that Jade places on your charts, and adjust your ratios in the direction suggested.

For New Users


  • The Split view allows you to change settings and immediately see the change on your charts (best viewed on a desktop)
  • More fine-tuning