High-GI (glycaemic index) foods

High-GI foods are foods that quickly raise your blood sugar – quicker than your insulin can counter it. You should try to avoid or reduce eating too many High-GI foods, although when we have a hypo we want some super High-GI food to correct our low BGL quickly.

High-GI foods include cakes, soft drink and lollies.

If you don’t eat much sugary food, then you probably know the feeling of a sugar headache (similar to an ice-cream headache) as the sugar rush hits you.
The idea with Low-GI foods is to try and balance the sugar onset of the food you eat with the insulin you use. You can also reduce the impact of High-GI foods by eating them with fibre.

How can the Jade App help?

By default, Jade uses a normal GI model – for the most common food GI types like bread, pasta and rice. The food GI model is effects the prediction curves of how your blood sugar will rise with the food you eat.

If you eat low-carb, you can tell Jade to use a low GI model, and this will more accurately predict your blood glucose rise. You can choose Low GI as a default, or override it when you log a meal.

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