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Gold Plan1

Insulin users - Type 1s, Insulin using Type 2
from $9.95 month

Avoid hypos - 8 hours ahead

Sophisticated dose calculator

- including protein, fat and fiber

Improve doses with coaching

Live Dexcom, NightScout and Apple Health

Sync every 60 seconds

Basal modeling

6 months awesome BGs - $54
Only $9 / month
3 Months awesome BGs - $28.50 $9.50 / month
1 Year awesome BGs - $99.95 Only $8.33 / month
2 Years awesome BGs - $189.95 Only $7.91 / month
10 Years awesome BGs - $499 Bargain! Only $4.16 / month
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Silver Plan

Non-insulin users
from $4.95 month

Avoid hypos up to 1 hour ahead

Sophisticated logging

- including protein, fat and fiber

Improve health with coaching

Live Dexcom, NightScout and Apple Health

Single device - no sync

Basal modeling


Jade Clinic Plan

Clinics, Aged Care, Hospitals, Diabetes Camps
$70 month

Offer a diabetes management service within your practice

Includes full reporting, centralised dose adjustment and results viewing

Patient data upload from 60+ devices, hypo triage and dose suggestions

10 patient pack (removes the need for patients to pay while associated with the clinic)


1:1 Mentoring Session

Insulin users - Type 1s, Insulin using Type 2

Be successful with Jade

A dedicated session tailored to YOUR needs and questions

Delivered by Jade's Founder, and backed by 30 years of lived experience in this space

30 Minute Session Longer sessions and group workshops are also available - please contact us

1 All pricing is in USD
2 All users start with a free 30 day trial of the Gold Plan, with a test-drive of Dexcom/NightScout/Health integration
3 Basal modeling allows basal doses / basal rates to be included as part of the prediction model, making it more accurate
4 Yes, it is cheaper for you (and awesome for us) to purchase directly from us instead of from the AppStore. It doesn’t matter where you purchase from – it all ends up in the same place. No new account is required
5 To make a tax-exempt purchase, please purchase via PayPal
6 To cancel a plan, login to the website and go to Settings\Billing
7 This site is owned and operated by Jamie Watson

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