Long Term Complications of Diabetes

Long Term Complications of Diabetes

Every high blood sugar, and large swings or spikes in blood sugar, damage the body’s fine blood vessels.

Fine blood vessels are found in the nerves, eyes, kidneys and heart, and these are the major parts of the body damaged by diabetes.

  • Nerves – Neuropathy – lack of feeling. Can lead to amputation if unnoticed injuries become septic. Daily foot checks are recommended
  • Eyes – Retinopathy – eye blood vessels leaking – can lead to blindness. Yearly optometrists checks are recommended
  • Kidneys – Renal failure – can lead to dialysis or transplant. Annual renal function checks recommended
  • Heart – Cardiac problems – can lead to heart failure. Blood pressure must be kept under right control. Daily exercise is recommended.

The bottom line? You want to avoid these long term complications.