Preventing Night Hypos – Overnight BGL Testing

Your body is most sensitive to insulin between midnight and 3am (for normal sleep hours, not night shift workers). In a person without diabetes, their body reduces insulin levels automatically so that a hypo never occurs.

If you suspect your evening dose of long acting insulin (Levemir/Lantus/Tresiba) or your basal rate (insulin pumps) is too high, set an alarm at 2 a.m.

If your glucose does go low at night, reduce your night time basal insulin until your before bed to breakfast time BGL drops no more than 30mg/dl (1.6 mmol/l). If you use a pump, reduce your basal rate starting at 9pm or earlier.

How does Jade Help with Overnight BGL Testing?

Jade assesses the first BGL of the day and shows you if it is consistent with the insulins, carbs and starting blood sugar you took the night before. This allows you to adjust your basal insulin in an intelligent manner with Jade’s suggestions.

Jade also provides extra points for periodic blood tests overnight.