Diabetes and Exercise

Health Care Professionals often confuse what happens with exercise, and leave patients with little concrete information to work with.

Here are the simple facts:

  • Generally speaking, exercise magnifies the effect of insulin, and makes your blood sugar go lower than you expect
  • If you exercise when you still have a lot of active insulin on board (e.g. soon after a meal), then you will likely get low unless you reduce the dose you have when eating
  • If you do low-impact exercise, your blood sugars will gradually reduce
  • If you do medium-impact exercise, your blood sugars will reduce if you have active insulin. If not, your blood sugars may rise
  • If you do high-impact exercise close to your aerobic threshold, this can cause the release of adrenalin which counter-acts insulin. This leads to HIGH blood sugars
  • If you do anaerobic exercise (weights, lifting, mowing the lawn etc) then your blood sugars can drop quite quickly

How does Jade Help?

Jade offers 3 exercise levels (which allow for different dose adjustments) to help you tune your dosing correctly.

Jade tracks insulin on board.

Jade predicts the outcome of exercise, and allows you to try ‘what-if’ scenarios e.g what if I eat 15g before exercise, or 15g after exercise.

Jade warns you of hypos hours ahead of time.