Total Daily Dose (TDD)

TDD = all fast insulin taken before meals, plus all long-acting insulin used in a day.

If Humalog (or other fast/rapid insulin) is used everyday to correct high readings, this will also need to be factored into the total daily dose. For instance, if someone’s TDD is “30 units” (5 units before each meal, plus 15 units Lantus at bedtime), but they also need 8 to 12 units more almost every day to bring down highs, at least some of this 8 to 12 units will need to be factored into a new TDD.

How can Jade Help?

Jade can help you determine your Total Daily Dose over the last 7 days using the helper on the insulin sensitivity/correction ratio screen and carb ratio screens.

You can also find your TDD of basal insulins only on the basal rate screen.