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Top 7 Carbohydrate Counting Apps for Diabetes

Having accurate carb counts is essential to calculating a correct insulin dose!

The following apps work well with Jade, and integrate Carbs, Protein, Fat and Fiber data via HealthKit on iOS

Jade is an insulin dose calculator for iOS and Android that works with best-of-breed carb counting tools. You can also use Jade’s own carb counter.

If you use Android, you can take advantage of FitnessSyncer to bring your Fitness and food data into the Jade ecosystem.

App Name Download Description Barcode scanning
DietSensor iOS Android DietSensor is a specialized nutrition app dedicated to carb counting with innovative coaching features. Yes
MyNetDiary iOS Android By default, MyNetDiary delays writing data to HealthKit. This can be changed by using a negative number in the settings field.
Also, ensure that Nutrient / Secondary Nutrient is set to Net Carbs (not Total Carbs).
MyFitnessPal iOS Android 5 million foods. Has problems writing 2 lots of carbs to HealthKit for one meal
LoseIt iOS Android 27 million foods. Yes!
FatSecret iOS Android 2 million foods. Meal times cannot be set, they are classified as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snack – this means they will not be logged in Jade at the correct time Yes!
FDDB iOS Android (German)
CalorieKing iOS
Fooducate iOS  Android

Listing Carb Counting Apps – Our Criteria

  • Must put carbs, protein and fat data into Apple Health on iOS at the time the event occurs

Know any other good Carbohydrate Counting Apps?

Please first check that they write data to Apple Health at the time the event occurred, and then
let us know!

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Apps to Help Learn How to Carb Count

App Name Download
Carb Counting with Lenny