If you’re a diabetic, you know how stressful life can be. Trying to avoid low blood sugars, limiting highs, guessing insulin dosage, boldness deserts you, fear of a hypo stays your hand and you inject less, risking the damage high blood sugar levels will do to your eyes, heart, limbs, liver and longevity.

Designed for people of all ages living with diabetes, Jade makes each blood test count. It uses a very clever prediction engine to predict the hours ahead. You log the important stuff, our clever Coach watches, and warns if a hypo is imminent, tells you if your carb counting is too little or too much. Come the night, Coach stays awake, to alert you or a parent, if sugar levels decline.

Jade’s vision is simple – we help people with diabetes live happier, longer lives. We started by solving a very basic need – to predict future blood sugars, avoid dangerous low blood sugars, hospitalization or worse. We must have got it pretty right as we now have over 43,000 users across 121 countries.

But with more than 70 million diabetics who use insulin and a total population of 384 million people with diabetes worldwide, we see only opportunity.

Our team is small, adaptive, productive. If you have funds to invest and would enjoy helping solve a world health issue, educating people with diabetes and medical professionals, please contact Simon Carter to start the conversation

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We license our technology to manufacturers of Insulin pumps, Blood Glucose meters and CGM devices. We also provide white-label cloud solutions for diabetes companies who need a cloud offering, and don’t have the expertise, funding or time to provide their own.

We license our Patient Portal technology to In-patient Hospital systems, Aged Care providers and to makers of Health Care Professional and School software.

Please contact us for a confidential preliminary discussion.

Strategic Partnerships

As an agnostic developer of diabetes technology, we are happy to incorporate connectivity to your device into our iOS and Android platforms.

Please contact us for a preliminary discussion.