Glucagon Rescue

Glucagon Rescue refers to the use of a partial glucagon kit to raise the blood sugar of a conscious people with diabetes (PWD) who is unable to eat/drink or unable to treat themselves. E.g. you give your child their morning insulin, only to find that they vomit up any food you give them. You need to counteract the active insulin to prevent them becoming hypoglycaemic or more servery hypoglycaemic.

Glucagon kits contain 1mg of glucagon which is then mixed with 1ml of saline solution.

Dose: 1 unit for each kg of body weight (so 30kg child gets 30 units), or 1/2 unit for every pound of body weight (so 60lb child gets 30 units).

Normally a glucagon kit is used to raise the blood sugar of an unconscious PWD – you cannot give food to an unconscious person as their ability to clear their airways may be impaired. A glucagon injection causes release of stored glucose in the liver and can bring someone out of unconsciousness or a seizure in a few minutes.