Regulated Insulin Dosing App Integrates Dexcom, Libre, Apple Health, Food Apps, Alexa

//Regulated Insulin Dosing App Integrates Dexcom, Libre, Apple Health, Food Apps, Alexa

Melbourne, Australia – Jade Diabetes, a smart phone insulin dosing app for people with insulin-dependent diabetes, is now regulated as a Class 1 Medical Device.

What is the app?

Jade Diabetes makes insulin dose calculation simple, providing dose calculations and future blood glucose trends traditionally only available with expensive insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

“Many doctors and patients avoid dangerous low blood sugars caused by multiple injections by under-dosing or setting abnormally high blood sugar ranges” – Simon Carter, CEO.

The App avoids this by offsetting residual insulin from previous doses, and in addition, provides access to five million foods, allowing patients to dose from accurate, relevant food data for their country.

Who is it for?

The App is for 7 million people with Type 1 diabetes and their carers, and approximately 50 million people with insulin-dependent LADA / Type 1.5 and Type 2 diabetes. Currently the system has over 25,000 users.

How/Why is it better?

Jade Diabetes uses the same algorithms as closed-loop “artificial pancreas” systems, but applies them to multiple daily injection (MDI) therapy, with syringes, insulin pens or digital (connected) pens. As well as achieving time in range and long-term A1C control comparable to insulin pump therapy, it achieves this at a 50x lower cost point.

The App provides 87% accurate blood glucose predictions up to three hours ahead in patients with well-controlled diabetes. It helps patients improve control by providing coaching suggestions when results are outside expected bounds. It also helps patients predict and avoid dangerous low blood sugars, and provides instant patient decision support.

Improved dose compliance is available through digital (connected) insulin pen integration, and in-app gamification.

“For too long the improved health outcomes associated with dose calculation have been restricted to expensive and outdated insulin pumps. With Jade, best practice care can be provided at very low cost to patients worldwide, and with far better nutrition data” – says Carter.

If available, five-minute blood sugar data from Dexcom and FreeStyle Libre CGMs is seamlessly integrated, as well as point-in-time Apple Health data from connected glucometers, fitness devices, food apps and insulin data sources. Data from the NightScout system is accepted to allow integration with APS, the Open Source Artificial Pancreas. The App also allows manual entry of over sixty data types, making it a complete diabetes management platform.


The Jade Diabetes portal supports remote patient monitoring and research by Health Care Professionals, with extensive reporting, population statistics and patient triage for in-patient, clinic and school camp care.

The App also integrates a complete speech offering via the Amazon Alexa service.

Jade Diabetes is available for both iOS and Android tablets and smart phones, and data is synced live between unlimited devices within sixty seconds.

Type 1 Diabetes is an auto-immune disease where the body cannot make insulin any more. Undiagnosed diabetes results in rising blood sugars until hospitalization occurs. Normally the body uses insulin to regulate blood sugars in a narrow band. Injected insulin must then be carefully tailored to the patient, their food intake, activity, and many other factors to avoid blood sugars getting too high or too low, both of which lead to dangerous short and long-term complications.


Contact: Simon Carter

Title: CEO

Company: Jade Diabetes, 5 Bond St, Mt Waverley,
Victoria 3149, Australia


Tel: +61-3-9028-8594


The service offers a FREE trial period.

ABOUT Jade Diabetes

Jade Diabetes (formerly PredictBGL and ManageBGL) was founded in 2012 by the founders of DataMystic, a successful data mining, data conversion and software development company.

Jade Diabetes is the world leader in diabetes data modeling and integration, and the world leader in prediction of future blood sugar levels.

Both the founder and his child have Type 1 Diabetes. This App represents a very personal journey and struggle to shake the foundations of diabetes technology and improve care for people with diabetes worldwide.