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With Jade you can simply import data from any meter or pump or management system. We’ve made this very easy to use – Jade automatically detects the file type, and file format, and if it does not recognize it, it sends it to us so that we can design a brand new import routine for it. How proactive is that? Signup now

Also, with Jade we don’t want (or need) to lock you into our system. Unlike big pharma, you can export data back to any management system you choose.

Jade provides a number of import and export modules that ensure that all data is clean, harmonized and ready for analysis. All data is verified and validated, and amendments are tracked.

The Jade dataset is managed as medically sensitive data in a secure environment.

Currently supported file types:

  • Abbott CareLink .csv format (comma and semi-colon-delimited, not .xlt)
  • Abbott FreeStyle Libre (English, German)
  • Accu-check Mobile (.csv format)
  • Agamatrix Zero-Click (.csv format)
  • Aviva .xml format
  • CoPilot .tab and .xml format
  • Contour USB (.csv format)
  • DiaBass
  • Diabetes:M (.csv files)
  • Diasend (.csv extension with ; delimiters, Date;BGL)
  • Dex .xml format and .tab format (see //www.dexcom.com/dm3-software/download). We can also use LIVE DexCom data for DexCom G4 Share and above
  • Glooko .csv format
  • GlucoFacts .log format
  • Freestyle Insulinx (.tab format)
  • Freestyle Libre (.txt and csv format, English, German, French and Dutch so far) plus new English csv format
  • Medtronic
  • My Diabetes for Android (.html reports, MyDiabetes.db files)
  • MySugr (.csv file)
  • Omnipod users – please use Abbot’s CoPilot software to import your Omnipod data, and then export it to .tab format.
  • OneTouch Ping (.csv format)
  • Ontrack (.xml format)
  • RapidCalc (.csv format)
  • SIDiary
  • Ad-hoc spreadsheets and text files – we can import for you manually with our suite of import tools
  • Missing? Please send us a sample

If you are a pharmaceutical company or a company that sells meters or pumps, and you want to help Jade accept your data, please contact us with your data import format information. We’ll be happy to help. Also, if you would like our data formatted for import into your system, please contact us.

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